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Guangzhou Sumsir Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. officially became a member of KNX manufacturer

2020-12-18 16:31:42 Grantho 623

    On December 15, 2020, Guangzhou Sumsir Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. formally became a member of KNX bus communication protocol manufacturers, and enjoyed the qualification to produce and sell KNX products. KNX is an open platform, and becoming a member of it is the authoritative recognition of the KNX platform for Guangzhou Sumsir Intelligent qualification level, and it is also an important measure for Guangzhou Sumsir Intelligent to further expand its brand influence.
    KNX has passed the certification of international standards, European standards, Chinese standards and ANSI/ASHRAE standards. It is the only public standard for residential and building control in the world. Till today, over 500 member companies have joined KNX worldwide, and over 7,000 KNX certified products cover various fields and are widely used.
    The advantages of the KNX standard mainly cover the following aspects: First, for certified products, KNX guarantees compatibility between products; second, KNX represents the high quality of products. In order to strictly control output and quality, all manufacturers All members must meet the ISO 9001 quality standard; thirdly, all products of certified manufacturers can be managed by ETS. As a key application market of KNX technology, China has been understood and mastered by more and more professionals.
    As a new force in the KNX field, Guangzhou Sumsir Intelligent has been following the pace of the industry for two years since its establishment, actively understanding and mastering various domestic and foreign advanced technologies, and actively providing customers with high-quality products and first-class services. China has its own unique competitive advantage. After Guangzhou Sumsirzhi becomes a member of KNX manufacturers, it will continue to manufacture more good products and provide better services for the industry.
    Here, warm congratulations to Guangzhou Sumsir Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. for officially becoming a KNX manufacturer member!

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